Large Scale Computer Vision for Remote Sensing Imagery
June 14, 2020, Seattle, Washington
in conjunction with the Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) 2020 Conference
Best Paper Awards

All accepted papers of EarthVision'21 can be found here:
(Thanks to the Computer Vision Foundation for releasing the papers as OpenAccess).

Of all accepted submissions two papers have been selected to be awarded with the best paper awards. Congratulations again!"

  • Best Student Paper Award

    Ngoc Long Nguyen (ENS Paris-Saclay); Jérémy Anger (ENS Paris-Saclay); Axel Davy (ENS Paris-Saclay); Pablo Arias (ENS Paris-Saclay); Gabriele Facciolo (ENS Paris - Saclay) "Self-supervised multi-image super-resolution for push-frame satellite images"
  • Best Paper Award

    Ryan Mukherjee (JHU); Derek Rollend (JHU); Gordon Christie (JHU); Armin Hadzic (JHU/APL); Sally Matson (JHU); Anshu Saksena (JHU); Marisa Hughes (JHU) "Towards Indirect Top-Down Road Transport Emissions Estimation"  
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