• Overview

    tcThe mission of the Earth Science Informatics Technical Committee (ESI TC) is to advance the application of informatics to the geosciences and remote sensing, to provide a venue for ESI professionals to exchange information and knowledge, and to give technology advice to major national and international ESI initiatives.

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    Contact Information

    Dr. Manil Maskey
    Earth Science Informatics Technical Committee Chair
    NASA Marshall Space Flight Center
    Huntsville, Alabama, USA
    EMail: manil.maskey@nasa.gov

    Prof. Peter Baumann
    Earth Science Informatics Technical Committee Co-Chair
    Jacobs University
    Bremen, Germany
    EMail: p.baumann@jacobs-university.de

    Dr. Weiguo Han
    Earth Science Informatics Technical Committee Co-Chair
    Center for Satellite Applications and Research, UCAR/NOAA
    College Park, Maryland, USA
    EMail: hanwg@ucar.edu

  • Activities

    GRSS ESI co-organized events and conference contributions

    Standardization: ESI contributions

    ESI members are continuously contributing to standardization, in particular of Big Datacubes.
    They also contribute actively – in design and implementation – to advances in standardization, such as in the OGC OpenAPI Hackathon in London (June 2019).
    A liaison agreement with OGC is in place.

    Below is a list of standards, most of them led by ESI members, others with significant contributions:

    • ISO SC32 Data Management and Interchange:
    • ISO TC211 Geographic Information / Geomatics:
      • ISO 19123-1: Schema for Coverage Geometry and Functions (under work)
      • ISO 19123-2: Coverage Implementation Schema
    • Open Geospatial Consortium:
      • OGC 09-146: Coverage Implementation Schema (adopted standard)
      • OGC 09-110: WCS Interface Standard – Core (adopted standard)
      • OGC 13-057: WCS Interface Standard – Transaction Extension (adopted standard)
      • OGC 12-040: WCS Interface Standard – Range Subsetting Extension (adopted standard)
      • OGC 08-059: WCS Interface Standard – Processing Extension (adopted standard)
      • OGC 12-039: WCS Interface Standard – Scaling Extension (adopted standard)
      • OGC 11-053: WCS Interface Standard – CRS Extension (adopted standard)
      • OGC 12-049: WCS Interface Standard – Interpolation Extension (adopted standard)
      • OGC 09-149: WCS Interface Standard – XML/SOAP protocol extension (adopted standard)
      • OGC 09-148: WCS Interface Standard – XML/POST protocol extension (adopted standard)
      • OGC 09-147: WCS Interface Standard – KVP protocol extension (adopted standard)
      • OGC 10-140: WCS Application Profile – Earth Observation (adopted standard)
      • OGC 14-052: WCS Application Profile – MetOcean (candidate standard)
      • OGC 12-174: WCS Interface Standard – REST protocol extension (candidate standard)
      • OGC 08-068: Web Coverage Processing Service (WCPS) Language (adopted standard)

    Society Outreach

    The 1h TV documentary Big Earth Data: the Digitized Planet has been created by Peter Baumann and Heike Hoenig, produced by German TV stations ZDF and ARTE, winning an award at the 2015 International Science Film Festival in Hungary.
    See more background.

    ESI committee meeting presentations

    ESI AdCom reports:
    [ 2019| 2018| 2017| 2016| 2015| 2014]

  • Research Areas

    Research areas investigated by the ESI membership include, but are not limited to:

    • Policies
      • Data and information policies
      • Data stewardship and preservation
    • Conceptual modeling
      • Knowledge representation and information models
      • Semantic representation of the spatial and temporal relationships between entities in the Geosciences (e.g., spatial and process ontologies, vocabularies, semantic web)
      • Spatio-Temporal Datacubes
      • Provenance and quality
    • Data access and processing
      • Data discovery and access
      • Web-based services and analysis
      • Sensor web and applications
    • Technology
      • Geospatial information, knowledge, and decision support systems
      • Tools supporting spatial and temporal analyses and their applications
      • Software tools and systems to model the Earth system, and visualize and analyze geoscience data, information, and knowledge
      • Emerging information technologies and their applications in the geosciences
      • Cyberinfrastructures
      • Cloud computing
      • Machine learning/Deep learning
      • Knowledge representation
    • Standardization
      • Interoperability
      • Data and service model standards, contributing to OGC, ISO, INSPIRE, and others
  • Working Group

    The Earth Science Informatics (ESI) technical committee will welcome a new working group on “High-performance and Disruptive Computing in Remote Sensing” (HDCRS). The main objective of the group is to connect a community of interdisciplinary researchers in remote sensing who are specialized on high-performance and distributed computing, disruptive computing (e.g., quantum annealing and universal gate quantum computers) and parallel programming models with specialized hardware (e.g., GPUs, FPGAs). HDCRS will disseminate information and knowledge through educational events, special sessions and tutorials at conferences and publication activities. The official website of the group and its activities for 2021 will be presented next March through a GRSS webinar. Interested persons from academia and industry will be invited to join and contribute to the group . HDCRS is organizing activities such as special sessions at IGARSS 2021 and a summer school at the University of Iceland at the end of May (more information will be released in January).

  • Members

    Current membership (as of February 2020):

    Last Name First Name Affiliation Country
    Sunita Amity university, noida India
    Abdullah Hasti Shwan University of Sulaimani Iraq
    Abutaleb Ali George Mason University USA
    Adelabu Samuel
    Adesola Babatunde Akeem The Polytechnic Ibadan Nigeria
    Ahmad Touseef Space Applications Centre Ahmedabad India
    Ahrari Amirhossein University of Tehran Iran
    Aijin Li Xidian University China
    Akçit Nuhcan METU Turkey
    Alboody Ahed GORS Syria
    Ali Javed TU Dresden Germany
    Almendra Laura
    Andy Hueni University of Zurich Switzerland
    Ansari Abdolreza Iranian Space Agency Iran
    Arderson Surey Anna University India
    Ataly Can Bulent Ecevit University Turkey
    Awuviri Alexander RFMICROTEK Ghana
    Azazy Mohamed Hossam Mohamed Rafat Shoubra Faculty of Engineering Egypt
    BALNARSAIAH BATTULA NERTU ECE Dept Osmania University India
    BATTULA BALU Andra Pradesh India
    BS Daya Sagar Indian Statistical Institute – Bangalore Centre India
    Bai Yuqi Tsinghua University China
    Bali Manik Deputy Director of the GSICS Coordination Center at NOAA USA
    Baumann Peter Jacobs University Bremen Germany
    Becker Burger Stellenbosch University South Africa
    Bedard Joel Environment and Climate Change Canada Canada
    Beltrán Ana Patricia Ruiz Universidad Nacional Autónoma Mexico
    Benali Abdelali University of Science and Technology of Oran – Mohamed Boudiaf Algeria
    Benson Michael The University of Michigan USA
    Berger Christian University of Jena Germany
    Bhandari Biplov Asian Institute of Technology Thailand
    Bhandari Laveesh Indicus Analytics India
    Bharambe Ujwala Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay India
    Biswas Sanat IIIT Delhi India
    Bonafoni Stefania Dept. of Engineering, University of Perugia Italy
    Bronsard Karen Canadian Space Agency Canada
    Broring Arne 52North Initiative for Geospatial Open Source Software GmbH Germany
    Bugbee Kaylin University of Alabama in Huntsville USA
    Burnett Michael NASA USA
    Cannata Massimiliano University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI) Switzerland
    Carlier Simon Aalto University Finland
    Chabot Mariella MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Canada
    Chang Ni-bin Univ of Central Florida (on detail at NSF) USA
    Chen Ling Beijing Forestry University China
    Cole Marge NASA/SGT Inc. USA
    Conchalish Henry St.Jude’s college, Thoothoor India
    Daltot Sagi The Technicien Italy
    Danacioglu Sevki Balikesir University Turkey
    Das Saurabh Center for Soft Computing Research, Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata India
    Datan Miho DLR UPB Germany
    Datcu Mihai German Aerospace Center (DLR) Germany
    David Zechariah Cranfield University UK
    Dayan Ira Ben-Gurion University Israel
    De La Rubio Navare Javier
    De Rudder Anne Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy (BIRA-IASB) Belgium
    Demir Ibrahim University of Iowa USA
    Demir Ibrahim University of Iowa United States
    Deng Meixia George Mason University USA
    Deogawanka Sangeeta Independent Professional India
    Di Liping George Mason University USA
    Diodato Nazzareno Met European Research Observatory Italy
    Dlamini Wisdom M. University of Swaziland Swaziland
    Doctor Katharina NRESEARCH LAB
    Dominocielo Gabe Umbra Lab USA
    Du Jenny Q. Mississippi State University USA
    Duerr Ruth National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) USA
    Durbha Surya Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay India
    Eberle Jonas University of Jena Germany
    El Hajj Mohammad Irstea France
    Enloe Yonsook NASA USA
    Ezzahar Jamal Cadi Ayyad University Moorcco
    Faran IDO Boy ILAN Israel
    Fernanadez-Ordonez Yolanda M. Colegio de Postgraduados Mexico
    Fleig Al PITA Analytic Sciences USA
    Flynn Lawrence NOAA USA
    Fontaine Kathy Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute RDA/US USA
    Fox Peter Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute USA
    Freitag Brian University of Alabama in Huntsville United States
    Frew James University of California – Santa Barbara USA
    Gaona Elvis Universidad Distrital Colombia
    Gite Hanumant R. Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University India
    Gite Hanumant Dept. of Computer Sci India
    Goldberg Alan Mitre/NPOESS USA
    Gonzalez Carolina
    Grueau Maria Armanda Simenta Rodrigues Universidade Nova de Lisboa Portugal
    Guccione Pietro Politecnics Di Bari Italy Italy
    Gurung Iksha University Of Alabama in Huntsville United States
    Hadi Sinan Jasim Anadolu University Turkey
    Hamilton Bob NASA Goddard USA
    Hammad Hanaa
    Hardy Caroline University of Johannesburg South Africa
    Harikiran Jonnadula GITAM University India
    Hassan Ramon Tu Delft Netherlands
    Henry Okeke Ugo National Space Research and Development Agency Nigeria
    Hong Jung-Hong National Cheng-Kung University Taiwan
    Hong Yang University of Oklahoma USA
    Hua Hook NASA/JPL USA
    Huang Bormin Space Science and Engineering Center, University of Wisconsin-Madison USA
    Huang Puo-Lin National Chiayi University Taiwan
    Hung Chih-cheng Southern Polytechnic State University USA
    Husar Rudolf Washington University USA
    Ige-Olumide Olusola Olufayo Institute of Ecology and EnvironmentalStudies, Obafemi Awolowo University Nigeria
    Inoue Yoshio Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Research Council Japan
    Iqbal Fahee University of Tasmania Australia
    Jackson Nina NOAA USA
    Jia Shenyue Chapman University USA
    Jian Ziti Bejing Normal University China
    Jiang Liangcun Wuhan University China
    Jordi Cortes Andrei
    Kamel-Boulos Maged N. University of the Highlands and Islands Scotland
    Kandasamy Sivasathivel Canada Center for Remote Sensing Canada
    Kannambadi Gurudatta Aaron-GSD India
    Kaulfus Aaron University of Alabama in Huntsville United States
    Kavak Kaan Sevki Cumhuriyet University Turkey
    Kayabol Koray Istanbul Tech. University Turkey
    Khaffou Moulouda Hassan II University of Casablanca Morocco
    Khaked Azhar ali Nirma University India
    Khalsa Siri Jodha S National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC)/University of Colorado USA
    Khalsa Siri Jodha Univ. of Colorado, Boulder USA
    Khan Jollozy Abdullah Yogi Vemana University, Kadapa India
    Khawas Chunnu Sikkim University India
    King Roger Mississippi State University USA
    Kleynhans Waldo Council for Scientific and Industrial Research South Africa
    Kou Tianyou Ohio State University USA
    Kucuk Fatma Yıldıım Byazıt Unıversıtesı Turkey
    Kumar Vineet Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay India
    Kuo Chiao-Ling National Cheng-Kung University Taiwan
    Kuo Kwo-Sen NASA/GSFC USA
    Labelle-Hamer Nettie University of Alaska, Fairbanks USA
    Lakshmi Venkat University of South Carolina USA
    Lal Preet Central University of Jharkhand India
    Laymon Charles USRA Science and Technology Institute, Huntsville, AL USA
    LeMoigne Jacqueline NASA/GSFC USA
    Leblanc George National Research Council of Canada Canada
    Lee Juhyun Ulsan University of Technology South Korea
    Leon Amanda National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) USA
    Li Jonathan University of Waterloo Canada
    Li Shutao Hunan University China
    Lindsay Francis NASA HQ USA
    Liu Jin-King
    Long David Brigham Young University USA
    Lourenco Ricardo Barros University of Chicago, Center for Robust Decisionmaking on Climate and Energy Policy (RDCEP) USA
    Lungu Olipa Nyazambe University of Zambia Zambia
    Ma Xiaogang University of Idaho USA
    Madelón Nicolás Universidad Nacional de Córdoba Spain
    Magli Enrico Politecnico di Torino Italy
    Mahmood Zahid CESAT
    Mallenahalli Naresh Kumar National Remote Sensing Centre (ISRO) India
    Mandal Mohammad Shamim Hasan Hiroshima Univerisity Japan
    Mangoni Gloria Ndindir Bureau d’Etudes et de Conseils en Développement Intégré (BECODI Sarl) Democratic Republic of the Congo
    Martínez-Álvarez Francisco Pablo de Olavide University of Seville Spain
    Maskey Manil NASA/Marshll Space Flight Center USA
    Maskey Manil NASA Marshall Space Flight Center United States
    Massetti Andrea
    Mefillon George CUT
    Mehta Yash Dilip Centre of Environmental Planning and Technology India
    Melillos George Cyprus University of Technology Cyprus
    Meyer Dave NASA GSFC USA
    Miao Yuanjing National Space Science Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences China
    Misra Prakhar University of Tokyo Japan
    Mitra Shreyashi Haldia Institute of Technology India
    Miura Satoko JAXA Japan
    Miyazaki Hiroyuki University of Tokyo Japan
    Moe Karen NASA/GSFC USA
    Mohamed-Ghouse Zaffar Sadiq Sinclair Knight Merz Australia
    Mohandas Anoop V Geological Survey of India India
    Monteiro Sildomar Rochester Institute of Technology USA
    Morota Rafael Unisinos University Brazil
    Morris Jay NOAA/NCDC USA
    Mouselli Emad Aydin University Turkey
    Murphy Kevin NASA/GSFC USA
    Nativi Stefano National Research Council of Italy – Institute of Atmospheric Pollution Research – (CNR-IIA) Italy
    Nekovei Reza Texas A&M University – Kingsville USA
    Nel Henk AngloGold Ashanti South Africa
    Nera Bala Raju IFT Bombay India
    Nie Yuliang Peking University China
    Norouzi Hamid City University NY USA
    Obata Kenta NAIST, Geological Survey of Japan Japan
    Ojha Nitu CESBIO, Toulouse, France India
    Oppong Boamah Edward CERSGIS Ghana
    Pairman David Landcare Research New Zealand New Zealand
    Palaniappan Kannan University of Missouri-Columbia USA
    Pandit Prashant Teri University India
    Patel Nitin A Gujarat Ecological Education and Research (GEER) Foundation India
    Patel Jaydutt N. Nirma University India
    Patel Jyotin Nirma University India
    Pathak Diganta Kumar Gauhati University India
    Patne Purva DTiX.org India
    Pedelty Jeff NASA/GSFC USA
    Percivall George OGC USA
    Petropoulos George P. Hellenic Agricultural Organization ELGO ‘DEMETER’ Greece
    Pierce Leland The University of Michigan – EECS Dept USA
    Piolle Jean-Francois IFREMER France
    Pires Gisele Dornelles Universidade Iguaçu Brazil
    Pires Gisele Dornelles Universidade Iguaçu-UNIG Brazil
    Potnis Abishek
    Pratyush Talreja
    Prodemge Leonardo
    Pu Ge State University of New York, College of Environmental Science and Forestry USA
    Rahnemoonfar Maryam Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi USA
    Rajngewerc Mariela Universidad Nacional de San Martín Argentina
    Ramachandran Rahul NASA / Marshall Space Flight Center USA
    Ramapriyan H. K. (Rama) Science Systems and Applications, Inc. and NASA/GSFC USA
    Ramdas Gite Hanumant Dept. of Computer Science & I.T. Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University Aurangabad (M.H.) India
    Rank Bob NOAA/NESDIS/OSD (Retired) USA
    Riedel Morris Juelich Supercomputing Centre Germany
    Ritchey (Andreas) Nancy Northrop Grumman Corporation USA
    Robson Mike MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates USA
    Rochon Gilbert Tuskegee University USA
    Rosen Paul NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory USA
    Rosim Sergio INPE Brazil
    Rutzinger Martin Austrian Academy of Sciences Austria
    Saha Arnab National Institute of Hydrology India
    Saichandana Bolem GITAM University India
    Salam Abdul University of Nebraska-Lincoln USA
    Salem Ayman Brilliant Remote Sensing Labs UAE
    Samuel Ajeyomi Adedoyin FUTA Nigeria
    Sarma T. Hitendra Srinivasa Ramanujan Institute of Technology India
    Satheendran S. Sumith Mahatma Gandhi University India
    Schneider Karl University of Cologne Germany
    Schwarz Gottfried DLR Germany
    Schweiss Robert NASA/GSFC USA
    Scott Donna National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) USA
    Senadeera Prasadi Sabaragamuwa University Sri Lanka
    Sengupta Anushila SkyMap Global Pvt. Ltd India
    Sharma Amit Kumar COSTEL, LETG, CNRS, Rennes France
    Sharma Shrey NEC Corporation India
    Shie Chung-Lin NASA USA
    Shokr Mohammed Environment Canada Canada
    Shukla Satwik Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru Memorial Medical College India
    Simonis Ingo Open Geospatial Consortium Germany
    Singh Prafull Amity University India
    Singh Sarvesh UNSH Australia
    Small David University of Zurich Switzerland
    Smits Paul European Commission – Joint Research center Italy
    Snaith Helen National Oceanography Centre, Southampton. UK
    Solankar Mahesh M. Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University India
    Srivastava Prashant Banaras Hindu University India
    Stiefel Avi ISI Israel
    Stocker Erich NASA/GSFC USA
    Su Hongbo Florida Atlantic University USA
    Su Lihong Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi USA
    Sullivan William HySpecIQ USA
    Suresh Vipin Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management-Kerala India
    Surya Venkata Prasad Sista Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University – MLR Institute of Technology India
    Suryoprayogo Hertanto Brawijaya University Indonesia
    Suárez Oswaldo Xavier Echeverría Universidad Laica Eloy Alfaro de Manabí Ecuador
    Tang Liyu Fuzhou University China
    Tekdemir Emre Unknown Turkey
    Thind Gurman Beriqo Canada
    Tilmes Curt NASA/GSFC USA
    Turrubiates Iván Esteban Villalón ITESO, Universidad Jesuita de Guadalajara Mexico
    Ugese Ayangeaor Andrew National Center for Remote Sensing
    Ullman Richard NASA/GSFC USA
    Unnithan S L Kesav Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology India
    Upadhyay Ashish Indian Institute of Public Health – Gandhinagar India
    Upla Kishor Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology, Surat, Gujarat India
    Urabe Iomoyuki JAXA Japan
    Ustuner Mustafa Yildiz Technical University Turkey
    Uto Kuniaki Tokyo Institute of Technology Japan
    Vajedian Sanaz
    Vatsavai Raju Oak Ridge National Lab USA
    Verma Umesh Prasad Bihar State Innovation Council India
    Vieira Pedro Brazilian Army Geographic Service (DSG) Brazil
    Wang Yung East China University China
    Weaver Ron National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC)/Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences/Univ Colorado, Boulder USA
    White Benjamin Raytheon USA
    Wolf Vicky University of Alaska, Fairbanks USA
    Wolfe Robert NASA/GSFC USA
    Woodgate Peter Cooperative Research Center for Spatial Information Australia
    Wu Zhaoyan Wuhan University China
    Xie Xiaoyang Beihang University China
    Xie Jibo Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth-CAS China
    Xu Xingou National Space Science Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences China
    Yang Zhengwei USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service USA
    Yang Wenli George Mason University USA
    Yang Zhengwei USDA/NASS USA
    Yapur Martin NOAA USA
    Ye Xiaoyan Fuzhou University China
    Yokoya Naoto The University of Tokyo Japan
    Younan Nick Mississippi State University USA
    Yu Eugene George Mason University USA
    Yuan Xiaoping British Columbia Govt., Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations Canada
    Yue Peng Wuhan University China
    Yue Jian Wei Beijing University China
    Zhang Hai Wuhan University China
    Zheng Yuxuan Xadrian University China
    boukerch Issam
    dave Dr. Bindi CEPT University, Ahmedabad India
    de Lima José Aguiar Agência Nacional de Águas – ANA Brazil
    kushwaha sunni kanta prasad Indian Institute of Technology – Roorkee India
    Çiçek Gizem Ege Üniversitesi Turkey
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