IEEE Geoscience Electronics Group (G-GE) and Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society (GRSS) Chapter History

The first Chapter of the G-GE was formed in Houston, Texas with approval on December 11, 1962. The Chairman of that chapter was L. B. McManis.

By 1968 activity had expanded to five regular chapters located in Houston, Los Angeles, Washington, Tulsa and Providence. In 1968, the Houston Chapter was chaired by R. J. Schwartz, the Los Angeles Chapter by Martin N. Kaplin, the Washington Chapter by Edward W. Bisone, the Tulsa Chapter by John L. Shanks and the Providence, Rhode Island Chapter by Arthur S. Westneat. Since G-GE was one of the smallest IEEE technical societies, attendance at chapter meetings ranged from poor (4 – 5) to excellent (over 30). Chapter chairmen arranged for dinner speakers, local plant tours, and other activities of interest to G-GE members.
-Keith Carver

After the foundation of the Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society in 1980 the chapter foundation started new. The first GRSS chapter founded was the Japan Council Chapter on 08.07.82. From this time on the number of GRSS chapters was growing continuously to 30 Chapters on 2011.

In the following table the chapters are listed alphabetically with their date of foundation and the current chapter chair and the chapter membership. GRSS chapters are marked GRS29. Combined chapters list also the other cooperating Societies.

IEEE GRSS Chapter History as of June 20th 2011

Chapter Name Date Formed Officers Position 2011 Officer Count of Members as of 20/Jun/11
Alaska Section, GRS29 2/19/2011 Chapter Chair Franz J Meyer 22
Atlanta Section Chapter, AES10/GRS29 2/10/1994 Chapter Chair James C Kerce 103
Australia Capital Terr/New South Wales Jt. GRS29 4/16/2010 Chapter Chair Xiuping Jia 37
Beijing Section Chapter, GRS29 3/12/1998 Chapter Chair Chao Wang 112
Boston Section Chapter, GRS29 8/24/1995 Chapter Chair William J Blackwell 61
Denver Section Jt. Chapter, AP03/MTT17/GRS29 6/29/1983 Chapter Chair Michael D Janezic 281
Eastern North Carolina Sect Chap,GRS29 10/13/2003 Chapter Chair Linda B Hayden 42
France Section Chapter, GRS29 3/13/2007 Chapter Chair Gregoire M Mercier 90
Germany Section Chapter,GRS29 5/22/2003 Chapter Chair Alberto Moreira 119
Houston Section Jt. Chapt, AP03/MTT17/GRS29/PHO36 3/29/1993 Chapter Co-Chair Gregory H Huff 123
Islamabad Section Chapter, GRS29 6/9/2008 Chapter Chair Muhammad U Khattak 5
Italy (Central) Section Chapter,GRS29 7/17/1998 Chapter Chair Simonetta Paloscia 157
Italy (South) Section Chapter,GRS29 4/25/2003 Chapter Chair Maurizio Migliaccio 157
Japan Council Chapter, GRS29 7/8/1982 Chapter Chair Yoshihisa Hara 174
Metropolitan Los Angeles Section Chapter, GRS29 8/25/2009 Chapter Chair Erika Podest 43
Nanjing Section Chapter, GRS29 2/22/2010 Chapter Chair Feng Jiao 10
Ottawa Section Chapter,SP01/OE22/GRS29 2/6/1998 Chapter Chair Position Vacant 104
Quebec Section Jt Chap,AES10/OE22/GRS29 3/28/2005 Chapter Chair Position Vacant 13
Rochester/Binghamton/Buffalo/Ithaca/Syracuse,GRS29 5/27/2007 Chapter Chair Jan Andreas van Aardt 27
Russia Sect,GRS29 8/20/1997 Chapter Chair Position Vacant 17
Seoul Section Chapter,GRS29 7/9/2001 Chapter Chair Nishant Won 40
South Africa Section Chapter, AES10/GRS29 7/8/1991 Chapter Chair Meena D. Lysko 30
Southeastern Michigan Section Chapter,GRS29 10/18/1985 Chapter Chair Adib Nashashibi 38
Spain Section Chapter, GRS-29 11/9/2000 Chapter Chair Juan M Lopez-Sanchez 63
Taipei Section Chapter,GRS29 5/3/2004 Chapter Chair Kun-Shan Chen 26
Toronto Chp, VT/CIS/IT12/UFFC/OE22/CS23/GRS/ITS38 5/19/1993 Chapter Chair Anna T Lawniczak 205
U.K.R.I. Section Chapter,OE22/GRS29 9/1/2004 Chapter Chair Yong Xue 119
Ukraine,AP/NPS/AES/ED/MTT/GRS (East) 5/24/1995 Chapter Co-Chair Kostyantyn V Ilyenko 289
Vancouver AES10/GRS29/RL07/PSE43/MTT17/EMC27/AP03 5/23/2005 Chapter Co-Chair David G Michelson 103
Wa/No. Va Jt Sect Chap,GRS29 2/18/1986 Chapter Chair James C Tilton 249
Total number of chapters in 6/2011 is 30; Total number of chapter members in 6/2011 is 2701