Fields of Interest

The fields of interest of the GRS Society are the theory, concepts, and techniques of science and engineering as they apply to the remote sensing of the earth, oceans, atmosphere, and space, as well as the processing, interpretation and dissemination of this information.

Interdisciplinary Nature of GRSS

Members of GRSS come from both engineering and scientific disciplinary backgrounds. Those with engineering backgrounds often support geoscientific investigations with the design and development of hardware and data processing techniques, thereby requiring of them familiarity in areas such as geophysics, geology, hydrology, meteorology, etc. Conversely, discipline scientists find in GRSS a forum for the dissemination and evaluation of remote sensing related work in these areas. This fusion of geoscientific and engineering disciplines gives GRSS a unique interdisciplinary character and an exciting role in furthering remote sensing science and technology.

Benefits of GRSS Membership / Affiliation

Direct technical exchange with the foremost experts in the field and exposure to new programs and cutting edge technology are available to you through participation in GRSS sponsored conferences, workshops, seminars and Chapter meetings. You also have the opportunity to associate with a large, international group of people with shared interests in geoscience and remote sensing.
In addition, all GRSS members receive:

  • Monthly IEEE Transaction on Geoscience and Remote Sensing
  • GRSS Newsletter
  • Significant price break on registration to annual IGARSS meeting
  • Sizable discounts on purchase of symposium digests


The Society was first known as the Geoscience Electronics Group, formed in 1962. It then became the Geoscience Electronics Society in January 1978. Two years later, the name of the Society was changed to the Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society (GRSS), as it is currently known, to more accurately reflect the broad scope of its interests and activities. Since 1981 it has sponsored the highly successful International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (IGARSS) series.

IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing

The internationally subscribed bimonthly journal, Transactions on GRS, publishes advances in sensing instruments and techniques used for the acquisition of geoscientific information as well as techniques for processing, enhancing and interpreting information derived from remote sensing instruments. In this context, the term geoscience embraces the earth science disciplines; e.g. geophysics, geology, hydrology, meteorology, oceanography, ecology, etc. The term remote sensing is broadly defined to include observations from satellites and aircraft as well as geophysical measurements of the earth’s subsurface and mapping of the ocean floor. Published papers deal with advances in instruments and instrumentation techniques, theoretical and applied models of radiative transfer and scattering throughout the electromagnetic spectrum as they pertain to the remote sensing process, inverse scattering, processing of geoscientific data, image processing, artificial intelligence, and data interpretation techniques. Special issues are published on topics of current interest in addition to those that are organized around papers presented at each GRSS annual symposium (IGARSS). Transactions on GRS is part of the basic service received with GRS membership or GRSS affiliation.

GRSS Newsletter

This publication provides news of general interest to GRSS members. It includes listings of current Society officers and Committee members, minutes of Administrative Committee (ADCOM) meetings, Society announcements, news from Chapters, communications from members, nominations, bylaws and constitutional amendments, and the latest schedule for upcoming IGARSS. In addition, each issue includes feature articles on current missions, projects, and other topics of general interest as well as short features, book reviews and the like. The GRSS Newsletter is provided to all GRSS members and GRSS affiliates.


GRSS annually sponsors the International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (IGARSS), the premier world conference on this topic. IGARSS has been held since 1981 in the USA, Canada, Europe, and Asia. This prestigious meeting has become an international focus of remote sensing programs and activities, each year drawing hundreds of scientists and engineers from around the world to hear papers and discuss instruments, techniques, models and programs of global interest.